The Vital Role of Bees in Our Environment


A picture of a bee on a flower

The humble little bee is a common sight in all our gardens, but the role the bee plays in keeping the world working as we know it has been overlooked for far too long. Bees and the environment go together like a shepherd and his sheep- without one the other is unable to fulfil its role to any kind of standard. In recent years bee population numbers have been plummeting, sending scientists into panic. For the rest of us to understand why this might be, we need to appreciate the integral role these guys play in keeping the world turning.


Why Are Bees Important to the Environment?

It is bees’ role as the world’s most effective pollinators which makes them some of mankind’s most crucial insect friends. By transferring pollen from plant to plant, they maintain biodiversity and prevent crossbreeding. A healthy bee population is considered a clear indicator of a healthy ecosystem- and in the same way, a bee population in decline is symptomatic of an ecological community in distress.

A picture of a bee on a flower

An efficiently functioning and sustainable agricultural industry fundamentally relies on bees’ input, and healthy bee populations can serve to dramatically increase production. Increased agricultural output is one of the quickest ways to tackle global issues such as hunger and poverty. This occurs not just through improved food security via increased harvests, but through job creation, as more people are needed to process those crops, particularly in rural areas.

The bees’ support for our environment doesn’t stop there. The increase in plant growth that a healthy bee population will promote has a significant impact on other world issues. More vegetation means more organisms photosynthesizing, and in a world grappling with climate change, this means a crucial potential reduction in CO₂. Improved sustainable agricultural production mitigates the effects of global warming, and supports conservationist efforts. In our modern society with our modern problems, the bee is, more than ever, truly integral to the survival of the human race.


Recognition for our Fuzzy Flying Friends

The appreciation of bees is no new thing- dating as far back as Ancient Greece their role was acknowledged and celebrated. Credited with saving the infant king of the gods Zeus from his father Kronos’ murderous intent by feeding him honey, the bee is steeped in rich symbolic history. Representing health, hard work, industry, and teamwork, bees feature in legends and myths from cultures through the ages. The city of Manchester wears its bee symbol with pride, a reference to the area’s pivotal role in the industrial development and resulting prosperity of the whole nation.


Protecting and Promoting

Supporting your local bee populations is surprisingly easy, and can make a real difference. Planting bee-friendly wildflowers, and setting up bee hotels (tubes within a wooden structure- there are easy how-to guides online) are great ways to keep them safe and happy. Even providing a bee struggling in the heat with a little sugar water can help, and just this is often enough to get them back buzzing around. Eliminating pesticides known to be harmful to bee populations is also important, and it’s worth putting pressure on governing bodies in this respect. Slovenia outlawed the use of such pesticides in 2011 and has seen bee populations make a remarkable recovery since.

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A picture of a Brass Bee door knocker

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