Will my door knocker fit between the glass panels on my door?
Some of our door knockers may fit, however our iconic and most popular product 'Bee door knocker' may not. This is why we have designed our Brass bee door knocker bracket which fits perfectly between the raised panels on more modern composite doors and allows the wings to raise over the panels.

Will my door knocker tarnish?
Unfortunately, all types of solid brass will tarnish over time, there is no way of stopping this. However, we have some useful tips if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and give your brass products a good old wash. The best and most effective way to keep your door knocker in great condition is to regularly wash your door knocker with warm soapy water.
By doing this you are removing any outdoor elements such as salt in the air, which overtime will begin to tarnish your door knocker.
Your door knocker has been coated with a baked catalysed polyurethane which gives it the perfect finish, and this is why we advise using soapy water rather than any kind of brass cleaner.

Do I have to drill right through my door to attach my door knocker?
No. We sell door knockers that are front facing only, such as our iconic bee door knocker, dragonfly, shell and many more. Some of our door knockers are required for holes to be drilled all the way through your door to support the weight and the shape of our design. 

Please check the product description so you're aware of how the products are attached to your door.