Elevate Your Kitchen Design: 5 Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Kitchen cabinets can be some of the most imposing features of the room, dominating space from wall to wall. Creating a space you and your family truly love living and being in demands some interesting kitchen cabinet ideas. Luckily there are plenty of ways to add charm and personality to your kitchen furniture. Read on for some easily achievable and cost-effective inspiration to make your kitchen uniquely you.


How Can I Make My Kitchen Cabinets Interesting?


  1. Add Door Furniture That Reflects Your Tastes and Personality

Updating your kitchen handles and knobs is a really quick and efficient way to bring a whole look to your kitchen. Changing the finish from wood to metal, or nickel to copper can give completely different effects, moving from rustic to modern, or sleek to romantic.

A picture of kitchen cabinet handles.

Changing the shape and design of the knobs themselves is another way to stamp your personality on your kitchen décor. Our brass cabinet handles collection features a variety of designs, including traditional Victorian-style round cup pulls, sleekly modern knurled handle styles, and of course our iconic brass bumble bees, all in a variety of metal finishes. Every item is sold with accompanying fixtures so they can be easily installed within minutes on nearly all depths of furniture. Giving your furniture a fresh new look almost immediately couldn’t be any simpler.

To add a touch of elegance and opulence to your furniture, consider our drawer knob in a brass gold finish or our Solid Brass Victorian Kitchen Cabinet Knobs. This stunning option combines the warmth of brass with a luxurious golden hue, creating a captivating and eye-catching accent.


  1. Install Glass Panel Doors On Upper Cabinets

Glass panel doors are an excellent way to break up a run of cabinets along a wall. Working to create interest and a focal point, they also allow you to display your prettiest crockery as decoration while it’s safely stored. Adding further visual interest can be achieved by placing detailed onlays on each glass panel. These onlays can feature motifs or pretty patterning to reflect the rest of the room’s décor- the choice is yours!


  1. Add In Some Open Shelving in Lieu of Cabinets

Open shelving set amongst a run of cabinets helps break up a block of wall units without loss of storage space. Acting as a focal point, shelves can function as a wall-hung dresser, and be used for decoration as well as for keeping your crockery safe. Consider featuring a vase of flowers, or hanging utensils from them to create a pretty feature for the room.


  1. Change Up the Colour or Finish of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Giving your cabinets a fresh lick of paint can breathe new life into the entire room. A two-tone kitchen is an effective way to break up the look of your room and can add accent points where you choose. Lighter colours on upper cabinets are also a good way to help make the room look bigger. Adding some distressing, texturing, or a high gloss finish to your cabinets is another effective approach to creating interest.


  1. Add Under-Cabinet Lighting

Down-lighting or strips of LEDs beneath kitchen cabinets are incredibly efficient ways to change the look of the room, and surprisingly cost-effective. Capable of achieving effects ranging from spotlighting to a softly coloured ambient glow, or even multi-coloured disco lights, modern LEDs can be affixed anywhere within minutes, and the colours changed as you desire by remote control.

From a fresh lick of paint to feature door fronts to lighting, it’s surprisingly easy adding interest to your kitchen cabinets. To bring charm and individuality to the rest of your home furnishings, make sure to check out our full range of homeware and door furniture here.

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