Furniture For Every Room

Furniture For Every Room

When it comes to questions of interior décor, coming up with room furniture ideas for the whole house can seem overwhelming. Devising a theme to base each room’s design around can help focus your thoughts and streamline ideas. Or perhaps consider an overarching concept throughout your home - maybe something like beachside vibes or English countryside chic takes your fancy?

How Can I Decorate My Interior Rooms?

Your approach to decoration can be as subtle or far-reaching as you choose. You might prefer the understated approach, with neutral paintwork and furnishings accented by discrete detailing and splashes of a focal colour. Or you may be more of a maximalist and want everything from lighting to wall art to focus on your chosen theme. Whichever approach you take, we have products to help create your perfect home.

How do I decorate my interior rooms?

Decorating Your Living Room

We spend a lot of time in our living rooms, so creating a relaxing sanctuary for all the family is important. As well as a comfy sofa and coffee tables, the TV and bookshelves can occupy a lot of the space. By using statement wallpaper on a single wall, or a well-chosen print that means something to you, it’s possible to create a serene focal point to the room which you all will love.

Little touches can help tie together the aesthetic of the whole room. Adding our Victorian cabinet handles to your existing living room furniture can help décor remain cohesive with the period of the house. Making a little feature of our brass bee door stop propping open the door can bring a touch of charm and whimsy.

In addition to these decorative touches, adding a welly boot rack in the hallway can also add both functionality and style. This is especially useful during the rainy season when muddy boots and shoes can make a mess of the floors.

Furnishing a Bedroom

Bedrooms need to be functional as well as stylish, providing ample storage and sleeping space while reflecting the occupant’s personality. Distinctive bed linens featuring motifs the user finds meaningful are a lovely way to liven up a bedroom. Even better, they are easily changed and updated as the sleeper’s tastes evolve.

Wardrobes and chests of drawers are common features in a bedroom, and personalising bedroom drawer handles is another easy way to make the space unique. Whether it’s the bedroom of a wildlife lover, an old romantic, or a cool minimalist, there’s something they’ll love in our bedroom collection.

Dining Room Décor

Since it is likely to dominate the room, selecting a dining table and chairs you love is key. Light or dark wood, antique or modern, wood or glass: the options are endless. Chairs crafted from a complementary material will help complete the look.

An image of brass bee door knocker on a dining chair.

For combined functions of storage and display, a beautiful dresser is another excellent piece of dining room furniture to invest in. As well as somewhere elegant on which to present your finest crockery and vases, you can keep all your dining wares safely stashed inside. Brass Bee’s range of cabinet knobs and handles come in a wide array of finishes so there’ll certainly be a look to match.

Bringing Character to Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can sometimes feel sterile and bland, but bringing some personality to the space is surprisingly easy. A distinctive shower curtain is a cost-effective low-commitment way to update the room. Bathroom plants that thrive in humid conditions can also easily introduce some character and life.

An image of Brass Bee's Bathroom Cabinet Knobs

Switching out your existing bathroom cabinet knobs for something a little more eye-catching is another efficient way to make the space feel more yours. Brass Bee’s noble lion designs, cute bumble bees, or romantic love heart knobs make ideal choices. And adding some matching coat hooks to the back of the bathroom door is the perfect way to tie everything together.

All our homes tend to feature the same basic features and furnishings, but that’s no reason yours shouldn’t be unique. From handles to plants to duvet covers, adding a personal touch to your home décor is easier and less expensive than many might think. Explore our full range of unique door furniture designs to discover new ways to reflect your character in your home décor that you might not yet have considered!
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