A picture of a Brass Bee coat hook in black finish.


A coat hook allows for extra organisation and storage in the most compact of spaces. Able to be hung in the smallest of spaces, they maximise storage while occupying minimal real estate in your home. With such a variety of designs and styles available nowadays, your choice of coat hook can complement the style or theme of your house perfectly. Options like Brass Bee’s solid brass coat hook range will work to accent other design choices, or can even serve as an aesthetic focal point on an otherwise blank wall. Where to hang coat hooks in your home then is mostly a matter of where they will be of most use to you in your day-to-day life.

If you’re wondering how high should coat hooks be hung, it is very much a question of user and use. The placement of your coat hooks should take into account the room they will be in, what will be hung on them, and who will need to access those things. The standard for coat hooks for use by able-bodied adults is to hang them around 60” high, and the standard spacing for coat hooks is a gap of 4-6” between each. While this is a good general rule, in certain rooms and for certain uses and users there are better options than just below adult head height.

The weight of the things that will be hung on the hooks is also a factor. While there are adhesive hooks available, brass coat hooks are a far sturdier and more attractive choice. Fixed to your surface of choice by a single hidden screw, Brass Bee’s coat hooks are solid enough to keep even your heaviest winter coats and scarves exactly where you want them. And all without any compromise on style or elegance.

 A picture of a Brass Bee coat hook.

Hooks for Everyone, In Every Room

The classic porch/entranceway hook is great for everything from keys to coats to umbrellas, not to mention scarves, gloves and even towels for the dogs. While a five-foot height is perfect for your hooks here, a second lower row for keys and children’s coats will allow everyone to reach what they need. If there are members of the household who use a wheelchair, hooks at a height of 3.5 feet will afford them ease of access also.

A picture of a Brass Bee coat hook hanged on a wall.

Kitchens are another room where the extra storage and ease of access hooks can give you will go a long way. Hooks for utensils are best placed safely higher up and close to where they are likely to be used. Hooks for kitchen gloves, hand and dish towels meanwhile are better placed lower down, inside or outside kitchen cupboards and close to the sink.

Neatly side-stepping full closets and keeping belts, jackets and accessories close to hand, bedroom hooks are really useful near your wardrobe and mirror. Another hook or two on the back of the bedroom door make an ideal space for keeping a dressing gown and other bulky items. Whether you need to hang your favorite accessories or simply want to keep your clothes organized, bedroom hooks are a great solution.

Delivering drying space as well as extra storage, hooks on the back of the bathroom door are a popular choice for storing your towels, towelling robes and shower caps. Additional hooks near the sink or shower are ideal for you loofah, flannel and even swimwear for drying.

Finally, 3.5ft high hooks in the children’s bedrooms will give them a place to hang their own school wear, bags and even sacks of toys. Cheery designs like our Bumble Bee coat hooks are sure to delight and bring some interest to their room. Being able to reach the hooks themselves can create a sense of independence for your child, and an opportunity to practice responsibility for their personal possessions.

There really isn’t a room in the house which wouldn’t benefit from the extra organisation and storage a set of coat hooks can bring to it. No matter how tight the space, Brass Bee has a door hook to suit- with our charming bumble bee design, in a range of finishes to suit every home. So why not have a look at our solid brass coat hooks and maximise your storage space today!
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