The Romantic Symbolism of Brass


The Romantic Symbolism of Brass

It’s a metal that humanity has used since ancient times, and unsurprisingly, brass symbolism has an impressively rich history. It has earned mentions in everything from Vedic texts to Biblical scriptures, and associations with gods from around the world. An alloy of copper, the metal associated directly with love, the romantic aspects of brass are surprising. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what brass symbolises, prepare to be impressed!

Holy and Auspicious Origins, Borne of Copper

Formed from copper that has been reacted with zinc vapour, modern brass contains more zinc than early brass alloys. Until the process for making brass was firmly understood in medieval times, it was mined as ‘mountain copper’, or occurred when smelting zinc-rich copper ores.

Copper itself is one of the first metals humanity ever used. Essential to the proper function of the body, it is associated with healing and purifying, believed to help bring balance. Its soft pink colour may explain its links to the Roman goddess Venus (or Greece’s Aphrodite), femininity, beauty, and love itself.

Remarkably soft and extremely conductive, copper has long been thought to enhance intuition and build emotional bonds between people. Its delicate structure and pliable form have also led to it being linked with creativity, making it one of the most romantic metals.

A picture of heart door knocker on a door.

From Delicate Copper to Dependable Brass

Brass’s strength, golden colour, resistance to corrosion and heat made it highly valued as one of the most durable metals. Its high copper content makes it a good conductor of heat and electricity, meaning it’s a popular metal in industry today. Perhaps it was these properties that led to its use in invoking the consciousness of the divine during Hindu prayer.

The Vedas write of its power in attracting positivity and abundance, and most ceremonies use brass tools for this reason. Adorning the front door of your and your partner’s home with one of our brass door knockers or house numbers might well serve a similar function!

Brass’s hard-wearing stability and resilience no doubt led to its associations with the immutability of God’s word in Christian doctrine. Its strength and reliability mirrored that of the divine and contributed to its symbolising dependability. This hard-wearing durability made heritage brass an excellent choice too for impressive sculptures and holy structures built to last.

The metal of the Roman god Mars, brass is said to offer protection and foster courage. Its yellow colour meanwhile is associated with hope, enthusiasm, good cheer, and optimism. At a time of year when chocolates and flowers seem old hat, Valentine’s gifts made of brass are an original and romantic choice!


Brass symbolism combines dependability and protection, confers positivity and abundance, and it’s mostly formed from copper, the metal of love itself. As metals go, brass is certainly one of the most romantic, and its blessings would make for welcome assistance to any loving relationship. If you want to add a touch of romance to your home's entrance, consider adding a love heart door knocker made of brass. Not only does brass symbolize dependability and protection, but it also confers positivity and abundance.

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