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It's the little things which really matter, and this is no truer than when it comes to buying doorknobs and handles for your property. More than just functional, well-chosen door furniture is the finishing touch capable of truly elevating the décor while putting a unique stamp on your home. The correct choice works to enhance the design scheme while also complementing and celebrating the building's architecture, creating a living space that feels truly special.

Considerations such as what door handles are in style, and the functionality of different mechanisms, and the wide array of choice available can make knowing what doorknob to buy seem overwhelming. Demystify the process by focusing on a few key factors; here is everything you need to know to choose the right doorknobs or handles for your home.


Doorknobs vs Door Handles

What you want your handles to do, and who will be using them, can narrow down your selection easily from the outset. Functionality and ease of usage is paramount, so the design you might choose for a kitchen cabinet in use by the whole family will differ from that for a locking study drawer.

Doorknobs offer less surface area to grasp than handles, so can require more dexterity to use. This can be beneficial, keeping talented pets out, but also a hindrance to those with reduced mobility, such as the elderly and young children.

Doorknobs have also been around longer than handles, so if you have a period home choosing a design of doorknob from the same era is an easy way to celebrate this- our Vestalis Victorian cabinet knobs would look ideal in the kitchen of an airy 1900s town house.

There are also designs like our Hortorum Beehive cabinet knobs with texturing that not only looks stunning but also helps the user's grip, if this could be an issue.

Door handles offer more leverage, with less effort. With a full shaft to grasp, a handle is the more user-friendly choice for heavier doors and drawers, in places of heavy usage, as well as for those who might struggle to grip a doorknob, and in places where hands or handles might get slippery, i.e. the kitchen or bathroom.

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Having established the form and function of door knobs or handles you are looking for, design and style come in to play- and this part is where you can have fun. These key questions will narrow down what you are looking for:

What is the age of the property?

- Do you want your handles to be in keeping with this, or serve as contrast? Solid bronze, cast iron and pewter work well with older buildings; polished chrome, copper and rose gold offer a more contemporary feel ideal for a modern style of home. Using classic metal finishes can work to make innovative designs look just as at home in a period property.

What is the existing décor of your property?

- Considering the project helps establish whether you want the handles to be quietly functional, or points of interest to serve to enhance and highlight your interior theme. Keeping the same metal throughout maintains cohesion while allowing for a variety in design.

Since all our door knocker designs are available as interior doorknobs too, in an array of beautifully cast metals, sustaining your chosen theme from the front door throughout the home is absolutely feasible. This could provide a real talking point, as well as making your property's décor truly unique and personal to you.

- Do you want your interior handles to follow a matching theme throughout, or do you want particular doorknobs to serve as accent points on specific furniture items or doors?

- Do you have an interest in interior design trends, or certain passions or home features you would like reflected in your choice of door furniture? Perhaps you even have mural wallpaper with jungle wildlife (dragonfly collection link) you'd like your door fittings to highlight!

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Making your Choice

Having answered these questions, you should now have a much clearer idea of what form, material and design of door handle or knob you are looking for, and what will work best with the design of your home and furnishings. And with our array of contemporary and classic designs, in a wide range of materials and finishes, we are confident that whatever you are looking for, you will find it here!
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